5 Minute T-Shirt Pillow

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Katiana came home from Craft Camp on Monday all excited cuz they taught her how to hand sew.  (I know, I’m falling behind in my duties as a mother.)

She decided she was going to rip every old t-shirt apart in this house to make pillows.

I stopped her because we give their good clothes to their cousins and I’d rather not give them to my sister clothes after my daughter has cut off all the arms and neck holes.

We found a couple that would work and the girls got down to business.

Nano wanted his own pillow, as any 4 year old would.

He brought me his favorite Buzz Lightyear t-shirt that he outgrow a couple of years ago (It’s a 2T and he wears a 7.) but won’t let us get rid of.

Mama don’t hand sew. Except for buttons.  And I sew those back on unhappily.

I got out my machine.

Nano and his finished pillow

Supplies needed:

1 old t-shirt
Something to stuff it with
Thread and a machine (or needle if you’re going to hand sew)

Cut off the arms and the neck hole so it’s semi straight across.

Flip it inside out.

Sew up the arm holes and neck hole.

Sew the bottom edge together 3/4 of the way.

Flip right side out.

Stuff with stuffing (I had a pillow that miraculously enough had just ripped and was spilling stuffing everywhere)

Stitch the rest of the way up.

I don’t know how to do a hidden stitch (I’m sure my mom taught me and I didn’t pay attention.) so I just folded the edges under and sewed it straight across all the way so it looked the same.

Give to child who is standing over your shoulder on the arm of the couch telling you to hurry up.

It probably would have turned out better if I wouldn’t have hurried due to the 4 year old standing on the arm of the couch, leaning over my shoulder, asking me if I was almost done yet.


Know what this is the perfect size for?

The car seat when your little one falls asleep on the way home from grandma’s.

Have a great day!

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  • http://www.searchingforhappy.com Alex @ Searching for Happy

    What a great way to make use of old t-shirts. There are quite a few I keep for sentimental reasons, but they’d be a lot more use as a pillow than shoved in a drawer!

    • Heather Ayala

      True true! You can also have them made into a quilt. I wish I had saved all of my old concert t-shirts I had as a teen. Those would have made an awesome quilt.