Mismatch by Nano Malone

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(A Humorous Contemporary Romance)
(Love Match)

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Spunky artist manager, Jessica Stanton, isn’t looking for love. She’s looking for a savior. When a business rival steals yet another of her rising stars, she’s in danger of losing everything she’s worked so hard for…and the only person who can save her fledgling business is the one man she shouldn’t want.
Art authenticator, Eli Marks, doesn’t have time for love. He’s too busy saving his brother from the demons of his drug addicted past. For the past ten years he’s cultivated a façade to keep his distance from everyone else. But when a string of high-profile art forgeries threatens the security of the only family he has left, he must turn for help to a woman who breaks through his carefully constructed façade every time she’s near.
Will Jessica and Eli save each other? Or will secrets and lies stop them from finding true love?

This book was fun!

How to do the review without spoilers because some of the characters are not mentioned by name in the blurb?

Let’s actually start with the book before this one in the Love Match series:

Game, Set, Match

I haven’t read this one yet, but I mention Game, Set, Match because it is free on Kindle right now. Grab it because if it’s anything like Mismatch, it will be a very fun fabulous read.  Not having read this one before I read Mismatch wasn’t a problem though, it stands on it’s own.

I loved Mismatch.  It is another one I would put on my list of books to take to the beach with me for an afternoon of reading while getting a tan, if it wasn’t raining constantly in Iowa right now. That list is going to be renamed to my list of books TBR while staring out at the rain pouring down AGAIN. While it is light reading, there is still a little mystery (there has to be, Eli is an art authenticator who consults for the FBI), a smidge of deception (technically the whole romance is built on deception from the beginning), a couple of really steamy scenes (that I wouldn’t let my teenager read :) ), and a HEA to wrap it all up.

More or less, I would say this is one of those perfect romance books where the hero is hot and a little mysterious, the woman is beautiful and is being deceived, and the romance all comes together the way it should.

Nana Malone, I can’t wait to read Game, Set Match and then see what comes next for you!

Thank you to NetGalley for sending me MisMatch(A Humorous Contemporary Romance)(Love Match) to read.  I enjoyed it.

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  • http://www.ordersciencebooks.com/ Pitt Goumas

    Hey, the story sounds good to me. But I like reading your posts more, I find it fascinating how you can finish a book so fast and then do reviews on them everday

    • Heather Ayala

      I know. I need to get more regular posts up. I had a complaint from a reader once for just doing blog posts with no pictures all the time, so I stopped blogging if I didn’t have a picture. I know I have at least one post I can get done today with a photo that goes with it. My girls’ hair = pink. :) I’ll get that up in a bit. Thanks Pitt!