And So The 2013 Spring Soccer Season Is Over

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Alyce’s soccer picture this season

Katiana’s soccer picture this season

Both pictures ©Tim Vorland Photography
Sorry the quality is not great. Picture of a picture and all.

(First I have to apologize for not having anything but book reviews up the past few days. Though I love my book reviews, I also love my daily posts about the family and needed to get one up today.)

I can’t decide if I feel like this soccer season was over quickly or dragged on forever. It was a season where the weather will go down in the record books.

Cold weather, snow in May, constant rain outs, reschedules after reschedules (with 2 for Katiana that were never rescheduled), emails that went in to spam causing Kat to miss practices, it was kind of miserable.

On the other hand, it was so much fun to watch Katiana grow as a defensive player and take her spot in the goal, following the footsteps of her daddy (still plays goalie) and her brother. She had some amazing games and is falling into her comfortable zone.  They still mix up the positions at her age (9), giving each child a chance to play offense, defense, and goal, but Kat really shined bright playing fullback this season.  I was so proud of her.

Alyce’s team is my team. I coach her U6 team and had a blast.  My girls were not undefeated this season but they won more then they lost, they had fun, and they all grew as players.  They played hard in some cruddy conditions that made me miserable, they kept going and gave it their all each game. Alyce seems to be taking a liking to playing defense too.  She was still trailing a little behind when it comes to getting to the other team’s goal, but she was right in the middle of it when the ball is on our side and she was determined not to let anyone score. I’m so proud of her too.  So proud of my entire team and I can’t wait to see them this fall when we move up to U7!

Speaking of this fall.

I have 4 kids playing.


I know.

That’s going to be tough with Pato only having Saturdays and Sundays off.  I’ll be coaching both Alyce’s U7 team and Nano’s U5 team. I was promised a really good assistant coach for both teams just in case something clashes. Kat will continue to play.  Jordan is coming back to the game after taking a much needed season off.  He has played since he was 4 (they all have), sometimes year round when we would throw in winter season’s of indoor soccer, that’s 10 years of almost non-stop soccer.  He was burnt out, hated the game, hated his position (goalie), and never wanted to play again.  Now after a season off, he’s ready to get back out there and play with his team.  I’m glad.  I was a bit weepy when he refused to play this spring.  Sure, it was easier for me, not having to take him to practices and away games, but I missed it.  I missed watching him play.  He really is an awesome goalie and so much fun to watch.

Speaking of Nano’s team…

You want talk about a child who couldn’t be more ready for soccer.  He has begged me to play every season since he could talk and walk on the fields. He started walking at 9 months, kicking the soccer ball at 9 1/2 months, and drop kicking it at 18 months. He is so antsy to get out there and play.  I’m excited to see how he does.

Now we have a summer off.

From soccer.

There is still so much more to do.

Jordan starts character building academy with the police department tomorrow.

Alyce starts her summer dance and tumbling classes through her studio on June 3.

Kat is signed up for craft camp.

Alyce is signed up for another summer dance camp.

Jordan is taking a video game designing camp.

Jordan and Kat are both off to church camp at separate times this summer.

I’m pretty sure they will all start begging to go to the aquatic center as soon as they temperature gets above 80.

Did I say we have the summer off?

It’s going to be just as crazy as the normal school year is.

Have a wonderful night!

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  • kamoons

    Just reading your schedule makes me tired. You are an awesome mom!