Loot Crate – Subscription Box For Geeks and Gamers

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Loot Crate

Dear FTC (wo)Man: No one has asked me to write this post.  I am doing it on my own to share a new funky company.  My relationship with Loot Crate is that of customer to a business.  There are however referral links to some of the subscription services.  I wouldn’t share the companies if I didn’t believe in them. TYVM.

Jordan came to me yesterday and said mom, you know those make up bags you get every month?


Recapping, I get:

Nail Art Society

I don’t have an addiction or anything. I keep it at 3 boxes a month so far.

He then carried on to say, there’s the company called Loot Crate that has a box I want.

I pulled my out iPad and started doing my research because I will not sign up for anything like this if there aren’t good reviews out there.

First the deets I found:

You can sign up for Loot Crate in renewing increments of 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. 1 month is $13.37 + 6 months S&H.

Little pricey for a subscription box was my first opinion, but I pay $21 for GlossyBox and I think it’s more than worth it.

Dig a little deeper.   I read reviews, saw reveals, it really seems cool.

Loot Crate is for geeks & gamers.

Did you know being a geek is a good thing now?  It wasn’t in my day. Jordan qualifies himself as a gamer.

(I will admit, the first time he said gamers I said you do NOT need any more video games! He promised it didn’t come with video games.)

We negotiated the terms.  Jordan can’t find a job around us. He’s looking and sending out applications, but it’s tough when you’re 14 and so many 16 year olds are looking for work. I’d send him out detassling corn like I did, but I have him going to character building academy and church camp this summer.  I don’t know many jobs that want you to be gone for 3 weeks. (CBA is during the day so with another job he could still work in the evening.)

Until he gets a job and takes over the monthly payment himself, he will work this off each month by babysitting or cleaning the bathroom. (How many bathroom cleaning periods are required depends on how many hours he watches the kids.)

Sounds fair to me. I HATE cleaning the bathroom.

Out of all the reviews I read, the October box seemed to be my favorite that I saw.  I mean, it had zombie stuff.  My boys are obsessed with protecting me from zombies.

Then I got the reveal of the May box last night in my email.  Jordan’s first box will be the June box so he isn’t getting this one and I’m sad.  This one is really cool.

Don’t panic towel
I want that towel.


We thought about putting an actual Guide to the Galaxy in the crate, but we figured every Looter has easy access to one already. It just so happens that May 25th is Towel Day so now you’re fully equipped!

8 bit bow tie

Black tie geek

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our favorite secret agents, sometimes your mission requires you to equip yourself to look classy. The 8-bit bow tie pulls it off, while retaining your geek cred.

dc figurine


These DC characters Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and The Joker all rely on equipment to get the job done.. You can know proudly display one of these characters on your desk or shelf.

1 year digital subscription

Pure nintendo

An independent magazine and source for exclusive interviews, previews, reviews, interactive puzzles and much more from the world of Nintendo. For iOS & Android do you can be equipped on the go.

ninja cord wrap

the dojo

They secretly await, hidden until needed. They also are known for having amazing grip. Have you ever seen a ninja fall down a building? Now you can wrap them up and prevent a messy situation.

inanimate stickers

fred & Friends

Until now, talking to inanimate objects may have seemed a little off. Slap on these mouths, eyes and other part to your stuff and feel less awkward about talking to a stapler.

super mario coin candies

boston america

How does Mario equip himself? Question mark box of course! Each box is a collectible tin filled with tasty strawberry coin-shaped sours.

papercraft iron man

Gus santome of minipapercraft.blogspot.com

We’re big fans of papercraft. While it might take some time to complete, it’s always satisfying. We’ve included the always stylishly equipped Iron Man in his Iron Man 3 Mark 17 ‘Heartbreaker’ suit.

See, kind of awesome. I can’t wait to see what June’s box brings to Jordan. I’ll be sure to take a picture and share before he tears everything apart.

Can’t wait to see what we get in June and want to sign up now? Head on over to Loot Crate and sign up now.

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