Dwarven Miner on Kickstarter

Dwarven Miner on Kickstarter

Dear FTC (wo)Man: I am not being compensated for this post monetarily or with product.  The creators of the game did not ask me to post this nor do they know I am posting it. Just a fan sharing a game that I think is going to be very cool. Carry on.

I’ve followed Grant Wilson on Twitter for a very long time.

Know that name?

He was one of the lead investigators on Ghost Hunters.  What we didn’t know about Grant back then was that he is amazing artist and a musician.

Grant has shown us some of his artwork on Twitter over time and he is amazingly talented.  He has now shared that talent with Rather Dashing Games LLC.

Image From Dwarven Miner Kickstarter page – Not Mine

I’m kicking myself.  Really kicking myself. (No pun on kickstarter, promise.) You see, I turned off Twitter mobile notifications awhile ago and just turned it back on a few days ago.  I had so many tweets coming via text all the time and I just shut it off.  I should have just reduced the number of people whose tweets I have sent to me via text. Had I not turned it off, I would have gotten the tweet from Grant that this was going up on Kickstarter a long time ago and I could have given my $50 and I wouldn’t be sitting here now mad at myself. Now, I can’t budget this until my June 1 check and it ends on May 31. *SadFace*

Let me give you the deets on the game before I go any further.

Dwarven Miner is a duel-level crafting game. Roll six custom dice in a push-your-luck style to see what you can pull out of your mine. Craft those resources into all types of gear, from armor to magic wands to mithril swords. Use these items to fulfill the orders of your Patrons, great and powerful Dwarves who have entrusted you to outfit them for their adventurous occupations, be they Warriors, Rune-Singers, or Engineers. From the lowly Tale Smith to the mighty Chieftain, each will give you a special ability that affects the game and ensures that players will want to mine again and again. Made of high quality components, Dwarven Miner is made here in the USA from sustainably forested materials and soy-based inks. It has been extensively play-tested by many groups including The Syndicate, has been very well received, and is really ready to go.

Though I’m not huge into this stuff, my 14 year old son is.  Remember earlier, I told you he calls himself a gamer. That doesn’t just mean video games to him.  It encompasses all types of games. He would love this.

That’s why I’m posting.

Since I can’t do the kickstarter thing right now, maybe you are interested and you can.

Simulation of Box
Again from the Dwarven Miner Kickstarter page – not mine

That way the game will be developed and I can buy this for my son for Christmas or his birthday, whenever it is released. One way or another, I want to get my hands on this game for him. I know he would LOVE this. You know those presents that you get all excited to give your kids because you know what their reaction will be?  That is the feeling this gives me.

Yep, I had an ulterior motive with this post.  I need this game developed. :)

Head on over and check it out.  At the $50 level you will get your own copy of the game when it is released. I may be able to finagle the $50 out of my husband before the 1st.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Dwarven Miner on Kickstarter|Dwarven Miner on Facebook
Grant Wilson
Rather Dashing Games

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  • http://www.ordersciencebooks.com/ Pitt Goumas

    Not a big gamer here but I got addicted to angry birds for a little while. Never thought it would happen. I like to explore different games now to find out if I can find anything like angry birds again, it doesn’t hurt to give this Dwarven Miner a try when it releases :)(12 July 2013 that is) :)

  • Marie @Silhouette Cameo

    I’ll head over and check out the game. Looks the goods! I might have missed the release date, but I’m sure the site will let me know.