Shark Fin Soup – Agony In A Bowl

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I am seriously amazed that a) a 13 year old boy made this and b) that a 13 year old boy gets it while some adults STILL don’t get the cruelty behind this supposed delicacy. The shark fin doesn’t even have a flavor until it’s soaked in chicken or ham broth.  Mmmmm.  Tastes so good, I could have gotten chicken soup instead, it would have tasted the same and is something easily mass produced for human consumption. Hopefully the chicken wouldn’t have died a horrendously cruel death by drowning or being eaten alive.

(Sorry vegetarians and vegans – That probably sounds heartless to you, but not all humans are going to stop eating meat and the least they can do is eat meat that is easily sustainable and from a source that is not going to go extinct if we keep hunting/overfishing it for our consumption.) 

Kyle, you are super talented and super smart! 

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Support groups who support our seas, without our oceans, our entire ecosystem would collapse, and we, my friends, wouldn’t be here any more.

Sea Shepherd

Shark Angels

P.S. Check your medicines, especially your chondroitin.  Is it made from bovine (cow) or shark cartilage? Cows can be mass produced for food and other purposes, sharks cannot be mass produced and some species are dying out.

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  • kamoons

    It is sad that people would order something that causes such a horrible death.

    • Heather Ayala

      I know mom, it’s disgusting. You know I’m not a big meat eater because I hate the thought of where it comes from but I would never begrudge anyone else their meet, unless you are eating something that died a horrible painful death for you to eat it and if that animal was in limited numbers. Whales, sharks, blue fin tuna, things that are being overfished and will soon be gone. I don’t think I’ve had you watch The Cove yet. Japan, dolphins, horrible painful deaths, and dolphins are so high in mercury they aren’t even healthy to eat. People get so stuck in their old customs that they don’t care about the damage they cause.