Living History Farms Field Trip

Yesterday I got to go on Alyce’s field trip to Living History Farms.

What is Living History Farms? It’s a right of passage for every school age child in Iowa, I think. :)

It really is fun though.

Living History Farms is an interactive outdoor history museum which educates, entertains and connects people of all ages to Midwestern rural life experiences.

Yesterday we got to see the town of Walnut Hill as it was in 1875, a 1900 farm, and the Henry A Wallace exhibit. I totally would have skipped the Wallace exhibit for the 1700 Ioway Indian Farm or the 1850 pioneer farm. I went to both when I was in 5th grade, but honey, it’s been many moons since I was 11 years old.  I wanted to see those again.

I remember when I was there as a student we got to churn butter and we had a spelling bee.  No churning butter yesterday and no spelling bee for the kindergarteners, but it was still fun.  Tons o’ pics to share.

First up was the Tangen Home in Walnut Hill circa 1875.

Tangen Home Parlor
Alyce is in the third row, second girl in.

In the Tangen kitchen, learning about life for a normal family in 1875.

1875 Broom Factory
Did you know children made a penny a day after school working here?

Sign in the broom factory I liked.
I couldn’t get any closer between the kids and the tour guide.
It says, “Wyoming women vote for President. Why not Iowa?”

At the school house

The girls had to curtsey and the bows had to bow when they went into the school house.  The girls didn’t quite get the curtsey, but I did. :) Kindergarten age kids wouldn’t have even been in school back then, they didn’t start until first grade.  Those that did get to go would have been out of school at this point in the year.  In Iowa, they would have been needed in the fields back then.

The primer and slate on Alyce’s desk

Alyce (in the black shirt) sitting at the desk in the school

The teacher telling them about school in 1875

The Flynn Home – AKA the Mansion

In the men’s study at the Flynn Home

Mr Flynn

The Flynn Home

The Blacksmith of Walnut Hill circa 1875

The General Store of Walnut Hill

The Drug Store of Walnut Hill

Inside the drug store

Inside the drug store

One more shot of the Drug Store – look at the size of those bowls!

Walnut Hill Bank

Walnut Hill Newspaper

Walnut Hill Law Office

Inside the General Store

General Store

General Store – that’s a humongous saw.

The church

Funny thing about that picture. Not really.  I was walking around a lot of the day with my head up, trying to get pictures of the buildings and missed the commotion around me at this point.  Finally someone said, you’re about to step on a snake.  Awesome.

Felt like an idiot.

I wanted a picture of the church.

Finally lunch time – mama was a hot sweaty mess.

A game of tag – Alyce is in the black LOL shirt

Some of the girls picked me a bouquet of dandelions.

and then they played duck duck goose – the girls had their own circle
Again, Leecy is in the black shirt

John Deere green – the tractor ride

Finally the 1900’s farm – I couldn’t have lived with the fashion back then.

Couple o’ cows

Don’t have a  picture, but we saw a couple of pigs trying to make a baby.  That was exciting.  The kids thought one was just giving a piggy back ride to the other.

Bill the horse
I think Bill is one of the horses who pulls the hay rack on Halloween when we go.

I’d have more pictures but my phone was almost dead.

Cuz you have to buy rock candy at Living History Farms

When we left we stopped to let a family of geese
cross the road – to get to the other side.

Bought Jordan a jaw harp – and he watched YouTube videos to learn.

Bought Alyce and Kat harmonicas.
Leecy is so cute.  She’ll blow a few notes and proclaim
”I learned another new song mom!”

Nano got a train whistle (cuz Nano loves all things trains) but I haven’t taken a picture of that cuteness yet.

All in all it was a good day.  My legs are killing me today because I obviously don’t spend enough days walking on gravel in ballet flats for 5 hours or so.

Aren’t you glad my phone was almost dead and I needed it to meet up with my sister in law at the end because her son’s class went too.  Kind of stinks the classes couldn’t hang out together but it was still fun.

Lesson is – when you swing through Des Moines, Iowa, visit Living History Farms, it’s fun.  Just don’t miss the Ioway Indian Farm cuz if I remember correctly, it was fascinating to me.

Have a great day!

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