I Could Not Believe My Stats

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Really sad.

I posted the other day to forgive me if my site goes down because I was having problems with my traffic and possibly leeching.

The last few months I’ve been getting the message that I am almost out of bandwidth.  It’s usually been close to the end of the month so I didn’t think to much of it. This month it came in the middle of my billing cycle and I was freaked.  I started looking at my stats and this is what I saw.


Surely that couldn’t be right.  Last time I checked, (Not a huge stat person – my theory is, if you write it, they will come, or not, I love all of you that do come to read, but I’m not huge on keeping track of who you are, where you come from, who sent you here, I don’t stress over it, I write because I like to write.) I was getting about 10,000 hits a month, 4-5000 being unique hits. Seeing 1790 hits an HOUR?  Surely there had to be something wrong.

I spent hours, HOURS, agonizing over this, frustrated as I dug into my stats, all of my logs, trying to figure out why I was losing all my bandwidth, surely someone had to be leeching my bandwidth.

I even missed church Wednesday night to work on it.

I don’t miss church anymore.  Unless I’m dying. Or have a migraine.

Unfortunately, analyzing my logs is not my forte.

I like to make pretty things.  That’s what I do.  And I know enough about web design to make me dangerous, dangerous enough to take my whole site down in minutes.

I finally called my host in.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Host Duplex rocks.  I don’t even know how long I’ve been with them at this point.  They saved me when my last host went belly up in the middle of the night and shut the servers down.  They monitored my old host, got in, and snagged all of my stuff off of the server in those moments that the server came back on for a bit.  Sam has helped me figure out which plug ins were wreaking havoc on my site, he’s spent so much time going through my data, figuring out this and that, setting up monitoring and then doing the monitoring.  Above and beyond, people.  Above.And.Beyond.

I didn’t want to have to ask for help because of everything they have already done, but I also didn’t want to screw everything up and have to say, um, I messed something up, again.  I’m sorry Sam. :)

So finally I asked.  Again, seriously, something was wrong with my site.  I knew it.  I think I banged my head on my desk over and over a few times.

Jacob came to my rescue this time. First he had to read through the convoluted mess of emails I sent.  I was frustrated. It showed. He poured over my logs. Cuz he rocks like that.

Do you know what he found out?

It’s legit traffic.

I know!

I couldn’t believe it either.

For real.  I never would have thought that.  Definitely was not the first thing that crossed my mind when my bandwidth was 95% used up and I was getting 1700 some hits an hour.

I have no faith in myself.

So, Jacob, this post is for you.  It’s my thank you!  Thank you for helping me get this straightened out, and for spending time on my logs, and not letting my site crash and burn this month. I have the best web host ever and I’ve had the worst to compare them to.

Gotta give me FTC speech.

This is not a paid post.  I am getting absolutely nothing for posting it, financial or otherwise.  Not a review.  Just a thank you post to a web hosting company full of employees who will not let you down.

Thank you Jacob.  Thank you Sam.  Thank you Host Duplex!  If you’re looking for a host, I promise, you will not be let down by them.  Every.Single.Time they go completely out of their way to help with anything I need.

Now to budget the money for Jacob to upgrade my zen cart. 😀

Yeah, he does that too.


He is so not going to love me when he digs in and sees how far behind I am.

Have a great day!


Host Duplex’s Current Pain In The Arse,


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