Alyce and Dance

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I finally got Alyce into dance back in December.

She’s been wanting to do it forever.  She’s my little ballerina.

I called around and didn’t think I would get her in anywhere right now because they were all already learning their recital pieces.

I called here in town where my niece goes and talked to the owner about what Alyce can do, the fact that I took dance, the reasons behind calling now, and she told me to bring Alyce to a class and she could kind of audition to join late.  They had a little girl move away and just happened to have an extra costume in her size.

I took her in and everyone was really excited about how well she did and she has been in dance since.  Every week someone tells me how good she is, how they are surprised she wasn’t in dance before this, and how quickly she is picking everything up.

Makes mama proud.

My mom pulled me out of dance because I refused to clean my room.

She warned me.

She truly did.

I wanted to go en pointe so badly.  I used to take wooden blocks, put them in the toe of my ballet slippers, and try to go en pointe that way.

It didn’t work well.

So to have her in dance and excelling like she is?  I’m ecstatic. And trying not to turn into a dance mom.

I know I’m signing her up for tumbling this summer. 

The rest of it I am trying to go easy on and let her go at her pace.

So hard not to push for more more more.

Promise, I’m not living vicariously through my daughter.


Isn’t she a doll?


Time for tap.

I miss that bar so much!


She adores her teachers.

So proud of her!

Wait until you see her recital costume!  They are doing Ease On Down The Road from the Wiz. She’s going to be dressed as Dorothy.

Have a great day!

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  • Kathy Manning

    She is really taking off, but we knew she had talent. The pic of her in the tap shoes, reminds me so much of you when you were young!