The Girls’ Valentine’s Day Cards

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Got them done! I’m early. 

I am not used to using a paper that is that busy but that is the one that Leecy wanted to use.  Her card – her choice.  I think it came out cute.  I’m just not used to that much going on on a page.

Cluster Queen Creations – Ultimate You
Darcy Baldwin – Teeny Bopper


Katiana saw the sock monkey in Flergs’s Sock Monkey Freebit kit and she had to have it on her card.

Flergs – Sock Monkey Freebie, Glitter Blogs,Tangerine Twist,NSD Freebie 2009, SYTYCD Week 1
Micheline Martin – From the ground up Alpha
Lauraskathi – Inerrable (Journaling strip)
Darcy Baldwin – font – Number 10 pencil

There you have it. Two very different cards for two very different sisters.

Kind of sad.  Jordan didn’t want a card this year, I guess he has outgrown them.  Nano doesn’t start preschool until this fall.  No card for him either.

I bet grandma would want a card from both of them though.

Have a great day!

P.S. If you’re curious about the sizing, I do 4X6s then print them out at the store.  9 cents a print and comes with an envelope.  Not bad.  That’s how I do Christmas cards also. Saves money over the longer style greeting cards.

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  • kamoons

    I definitely want one of each (so would Sue and Jackie)!