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This made my day, especially while having the 3 oldest home sick with fevers.  Ready?

Can you tell what that is?  No, it’s not the Supernatural wallpaper, though that is new, courtesy of DarkHunter666 at Deviant Art.

My computer!  I got my computer back!  I’ve missed it so much. It’s been down since around December of 2011.  Pato kept forgetting to take it to his guy, then he found a new guy, then he forgot to take it to him, then he left it in his car, then it finally made it to the guy.  I needed a $30 power supply.  That was it.  I was thinking it was the memory after the way it acted before it died, but no, just the power supply.  I sat and waited for over a year over a power supply.

The guy is taking his payment in margaritas.

How awesome is that?

My iPad is great but it’s not my favorite thing to blog from. I can’t design on it period.  I’m not great at keeping track of PR stuff on it.  And I am really really bad at cleaning up my gmail account.  10,000 + emails.  That’s how many I had to go through. I am so so so happy!

Now back to taking care of 3 kids with fevers.  They are miserable.

See.  Miserable.

Have a wonderful night!

P.S. Pato, I don’t need that new computer you offered awhile ago.  I am so happy to have mine back, even happier that it didn’t have to be reformatted and reset up.  Just hooked the hardware up and I was going.

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  • Desiree Bean

    well like last year I installed a better power supply fan, and put in a NVIDIA geforce nforce 430 graphics card, but that fried.

  • Lexi

    Fabulous! I can’t stand to be apart from my own laptop for long so I can relate :)

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