Recap Of Christmas Break – The Sickies

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it all started with Alyce

It all started with Alyce running to the bathroom Saturday morning, or maybe it was Friday night, it is all a blur of running my children to the bathroom at this point. She was throwing up. (Your at a blog by a mom, what did you expect to read?) and it continued through the day. I felt her forehead. She was burning up. 102.

Later in the afternoon on Saturday, Nano started. He had a fever too. No no no, please no.

Besides the fact that you never want your kids to be sick, Sunday was the Christmas celebration at church. I could not miss it. I had to direct the little kids through their 3 songs. My littles had been working so hard on them.

That isn’t quite true. Kat and alyce had been working so hard on them. Nano had been running around and hiding under chairs when we practiced at church.

Sunday came and both of my kids were still running fevers and throwing up. I left those 2 with Jordan, worrying the whole time I was gone, feeling bad because Alyce was so excited about singing with the kids, and took Kat to church.

Side note: They did so good! I was so proud, I don’t think my smile could have gotten any bigger.

I came home to this:

Nano is never not in motion when he is awake

I spent the rest of the day nursing them, hoping they’d be better in time for Christmas. I had already told my mom we wouldn’t make it to my dad’s birthday dinner on Christmas Eve (24 hour rule and all) and we decided to move Christmas dinner to my sister’s house just in case.

Christmas Eve came and Nano was feeling much better, but Alyce was like this:

break my heart

I thought about taking her to the doctor, but her fever was down and she wasn’t throwing up.

I thought she was on the mend.

I thought wrong. By that evening she was showing signs of dehydration. (Jordan put it best when he said mom, Leecy is so fragile. She is. For a child of normal health, she catches everything and it hits her so much harder than it does my other kids. This isn’t our first bout of dehydration with her.) She wasn’t going to the bathroom, she wasn’t throwing up, her eyes were starting to look sunken in and it was getting dark under them.

She wasn’t throwing up because there was nothing left in her to throw up.

Pato picked her up and took her to the ER.

I don’t know what she had. Pato forgot the name. It’s a virus. A nasty one that the dr said would make its way through our family before it was done.

She was borderline on being dehydrated so instead of giving her fluids by IV they gave her zofran. They were hoping that if they could get the nausea under control that she could start keeping liquids down and build her fluids back up without the trauma of an IV.

The child who came home to me was a completely different child than the one who left the house a few hours earlier. She was smiling and laughing and happy. It was amazing.

She took the zofran for a few days and is completely better now.

I, on the other hand, started vomiting on Friday night. I woke up Sunday morning feeling queasy still, but things are staying down. Katiana has been complaining about her tummy for a few days but this is my child who refuses medicine and wills herself not to throw up. I can’t remember a time when she has since she was a baby. She won’t do it. I have no idea how she keeps it down.

My mom started on Christmas Eve too. With all of these sickies, Christmas dinner with the family was canceled. I’ve been stuck in the house taking care of everyone all of Christmas break. I’ve left once to find a lighter during the blizzard. Once to go to the grocery store. Once for church. And once Friday night because I forgot to go grocery shopping before I got sick and hit a drive thru for supper for the kids.

If I wasn’t feeling so icky I would totally have cabin fever. Seeing as I feel icky, I really don’t care.

Have a great day!

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