Handprint Christmas Tree Project

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Nano made a fun little Christmas tree today in art class that was so easy for little ones and it’s another fun idea I thought I’d share.


  • white paper
  • green and red paint
  • brown marker or paint
  • large sequins
  • yarn (I’d use real tinsel)
  • star cut out of yellow construction paper
  • Roll up your child’s sleeves and have them start dipping their hands in green paint. Have them make a tree shape with their handprints.

    Add some red dots of paint (it’s holly maybe?)

    Use the brown marker (or paint) to make the tree trunk.

    Glue the large sequins on as pretty ornaments.

    Now, I *think* the yarn was supposed to be kind of softly zig zagged around the tree. I don’t think Nano wanted his zig zagged, he liked it on the bottom.

    Glue the star on top.

    Let them hang their Christmas tree somewhere that makes them happy.

    (Nano’s art projects get hung around the mantel. I try to decorate it with the seasons and his art projects for right in. He’s happy and so proud to show them off to everyone.)


    Have a wonderful time making this!

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    • jocelynverna

      I remember my Christmas card project when I was in my elementary days. We melt crayons on a spoon and pour in the paper and just blew on it so the crayons would spread. Thanks for making me go back to good old memory lane.

    • http://www.searchingforhappy.com Alex

      I love the picture! It seems simple to make, but the result looks memorable and fun!