What Is Wrong With Merry Christmas?

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the tree at the kids’ school (taken through a glass window, sorry)

I posted something about the tree at my kids’ school on Facebook. A teacher in our district (kind of awesome, she was my teacher {one of my faves} in middle school and she’ll be my son’s teacher in 9th grade) said that they couldn’t have a tree up at the school she is at. Same district. A fellow student, and mom to kids at another elementary in our district, said the tree was up at theirs also.

Turns out, some parents had complained about a small tree that was up in one of the classrooms and now no more trees are allowed at that school.

For freaks sake people. Get over it already.

If there was a Jewish teacher, I wouldn’t complain about a menorah in the classroom. I would love for my kids to learn about the tradition behind it. If a teacher celebrated Kwanzaa, I wouldn’t complain. Teach my kids about why certain people celebrate that. Muslim and you celebrate Ramadan. Awesome. Wiccans who celebrate winter solstice? Great! I don’t care if you wish me a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed solstice. I don’t care.

Stop getting so anal and uptight about the celebrations and good wishes that just naturally come from what others believe.

It’s a Christmas tree. It’s not the nativity scene. It’s not indoctrination.

Get over yourselves.

And have a Merry Christmas.

And feel free to wish me a happy whatever it is you celebrate. I promise, I won’t get all uptight and better than thou about it. I’ll just be happy for the greeting.

P.S. I’m proud that our school still sings Christmas songs at their concerts, and songs about Kwanzaa, and songs about the dreidel. My kids love it. They love learning what other people do. (BTW, they get that from their mama.) Embrace the traditions. Don’t be a stick in the mud and ruin them for every one else.

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  • Theresa Hernandez

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying Merry Christmas. However, it is only December 4. Christmas is still 21 days away and between now and then Hanukkah starts and we have Winter Solstice on the 21st. Happy Holidays is a nice way to include those who celebrate a holiday that falls before December 25. We’ve turned a holiday that falls onto a single day into an entire month. It’s crazy. Saying Merry Christmas on Christmas is absolutely appropriate. Saying it from November 1 through January 2 is bizzare.

    And as far as the tree at school goes, that’s also bizarre. I hate when anyone feels they have to overreact to a few complaints. Christmas trees actually have their roots in paganism, so if anything, they’re pretty secular to begin with. They have nothing to do with the birth of Christ. So maybe that’s why parents complained. Who knows?

    This whole thing is getting out of hand. Everyone should celebrate the holiday they want to and stop trying to be offended by other people and their celebrations. Whether it’s atheists being offended by Christmas or Christians offended by someone merely saying “Happy Holidays.” Nothing screams holiday or Christmas spirit like trying to find offense when none was intended.

    • Heather Ayala

      ITA with everything. I just brought it up now to beat the holiday rush. LOL not really, it was because the whole school thing was fresh in my mind from the Facebook convo.

      Though, I feel guilty about not having made my Christmas cards. My EHD is with the repair guy. He was backing up my computer before he tore into it, so no digiscrapping stuff at my fingertips.

      The tree at school was a group of non-Christian parents that complained. I did know that about the tree which is why I think it’s funny when Christians refuse to let their kids do Halloween things but then put up the tree in December. 😛 I think you should wish everyone what you celebrate and that everyone should be happy they got a greeting period.

  • Theresa Hernandez

    I haven’t made cards in years. I feel awful. I need to do something this year, even if I get them out AFTER Christmas.

    I agree. Everyone should be happy to have someone be kind enough to wish them a pleasant day, Christmas, Kwanzaa or any other holiday. I honestly think the biggest issue is people are TRYING to find something to be offended by.

    If you are offended by a tree at your child’s school, you have bigger problems than you’re willing to admit.

  • http://www.forevermac.com/1992/10/apple-macintosh-iivi/ richard@ Apple IIvi

    We’ve got the same issue in schools throughout the UK but covering a multitude of issues- many religious based. From not having a nativity as we might offend other races to not celebrating Easter, not being able to hang decorations for fear of injury, kids not being able to make decorations because they may injure themselves with scissors. My Son’s in a private Christian based school- guess what, his best Friend at School is Hindu! Do they care about sending their kids to a school with religious connetations? Nope, it broadens his horizons. Christmas is about more than just celebrating a religious festival, it’s about sharing in that experience but we’re too damned scared we might just offend when we do.

  • smile@iPhone phote recovery

    It’s a Christmas tree. It’s not the nativity scene. It’s not indoctrination.