So Sad It’s Over (Twilight Saga)

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After a year of waiting, it came and went way too quickly.

This is our tradition each year. Jordan, my mom, and I buy our tickets and see the first showing of whatever installment of the Twilight Saga is released. We’ve done it as a family since New Moon.

I’m Team Edward. Jordan is Team Jacob.

Jordan and I were ready for Breaking Dawn Part Two

Last night if you’ve been living under a rock was the first showing of the last movie in the Twilight Saga. We bought our tickets as soon as we could and then waited, and waited, and waited some more.

Then it was time, finally. We got ready, went to the theater, and we waited some more.

Twi-Mom, Twi-Grandma, Twi-Teen

Then the lights went down, the previews rolled, and finally, it started.

Probably not supposed to take pictures in the theater

I laughed, I cried, I drooled, I cringed, I waved my arms saying no no no!, and then I cried again. (No spoilers from me, I promise.)

It was over.

It wasn’t just the movies being over that made me weepy. This was something I had done with my kid for years, something we had also shared with my mom. A tradition was coming to an end. A night out each year for just the three of us. With 4 kids (me) and 11 grandchildren (my mom) moments like those don’t arise very often.

Maybe there will be a fun series that comes out as each of my other kids hits that age where I feel ok in letting them go see a midnight premier (with me). I hope so. I won’t ever forget Twilight because of those times with Jordan and my mom.

Goodbye Edward and Bella. We loved you.

Goodbye Jacob. Jordan rooted for you.

Goodbye Alice. Who will I get my hair inspiration from next time I decide I need to chop my hair off?

Goodbye sparkly vampires.

It’s a good thing my husband gets me and my humor

I feel a Twilight DVD marathon being needed around here.

Who else hit opening night? Did you get all weepy and sappy too?

Have a great day!

P.S. How long until Twilight on Ice comes out? :)

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  • Ashley: Closet of Free Samples

    I went to the 10pm premiere and I’m so sad that it’s over now!! It was so good! I can’t wait to get it when it comes out on DVD.

    At least we have “Catching Fire” From the Hunger Games series to look forward to right?

  • James@Alluring Health

    I’m sad it’s over too. The only upside is that you’ll be able to get the whole series on DVD.

  • kamoons

    It was an awesome movie, awesome night, and fun to once again be with my daughter and grandson. Love it, love it, love it!

  • Kathy@TVMovieGuide

    It was an awesome show! I am going to buy the DVD when I see it at the store! It got sold out pretty quick the last time I was there.

  • Ronnie

    I’m sad that the saga’s had to end so abruptly. I watched Eclipse and both Breaking Dawn movies in the theatres. I own all of the movies! I’m TEAM EDWARD!! by the way im not gay. Im 18 and i love all the twilights. I went through highschool watching all the twilights! My teacher was so cool that he had arranged a 1 hour before midnight showing so that my school and other random school students could see the movie before anyone else. Thank you Stephanie Meyer for such a great saga!