Bloggers Wanted: Diamond Candles Campaign

I love love love things that make my house smell good!  It’s a slight addiction of mine.  With pets and kids in my house though (and myself) I look for safer alternatives to the traditional paraffin candles.  Soy burns longer, burns cleaner, and makes me feel better about it. 

I still don’t burn it in the kitchen around my birds because I haven’t come up with conclusive evidence that it is safe for birds’ respiratory systems (it doesn’t take much of the wrong thing in the air to kill a bird), so I am extremely cautious with them.  I do light candles in the other rooms of my house, because I like the ambiance in the evening and the smell all day long.

Diamond Candles has put a very neat spin on their candles.  Not only are they soy, they have a ring in the middle of each candle.  A ring that could be worth $10 to $5000 dollars.  A glittery pouch tucked away in the candle.  What will you find in it?  I dreaming pink sapphires, but that’s just me.

They also are having a call for bloggers right now!  Yep, they need us to review, giveaway, and spread the word about their unique candles!  Interested?  Head on over and see how to get involved!

Have fun and good luck!

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