Monthly Archives: March 2011

Finally! I Can Wash Clothes

How exciting is that?  I have a HUGE stack in my kitchen of clothes we’ve worn since moving in, clothes that I was trying to save from the fire, blankets, etc.


What would you do if someone offered you a free Chihuahua?  (i don’t know if she is pure bred, she is smaller than Junie and Junie only weighs 8 lbs.)

It’s A Little Past Monday

We are in our new place and I am in love.  There are a few things that need to be fixed, I want the porch painted, and I still need my washer and dryer hooked up, but I am so happy I could burst.

I’ll See You On Monday….Sometime

We move tomorrow and my internet will be hooked up on Monday.  Woot woot!

We Are Officially Home Owners

Put down the down payment and signed the contract today! 

It Has Almost Come To An End

Last night, Pato’s boss loaned him the money that we need for the down payment on the mobile home.  We’ll pay him back with our income tax check when it gets here.

My Prayers Are With Japan, Hawaii, and the US West Coast

Like everyone else, I woke up to the devastation in Japan and the word that tsunamis were on their way to Hawaii and the west coast of the US.

My March Picks From Just Fabulous

Yesterday I showed my shoe picks for me from ShoeDazzle for March.  Today I thought I’d go through my ones from JustFabulous, because you know window shopping is pure torture fabulous.