Monthly Archives: February 2011

Oh The Humiliation

Poor Junie.  I’m wondering if she thinks she lost her dignity now.  Want to know why?

I Did Not Know They Could Do That

But it works.

A Little Cuteness

I took the girls to Wal-Mart last night to get them out of my brother’s hair while he had the realtor here.  They each asked for something for their hair and since all I’ve gotten so far is plain bands and barrettes, I said yes.  Alyce was too cute this morning.  When I took Jordan and Katiana to school, I

A Little Bit Of Good News

The day after my apartment burned down my mom told me that my dad had gone to the dr and they were questioning him about whether we have bladder cancer in our family.  They said he had a trait of it in his urine.  (I’m not going to go into details because my mom knows more than I do and I was in panic mode, I’m not sure if I have them all correct.) 

A Little Bit Of Valentine’s Day Fun For The Kids

CIMG0050Life must go on, right?  Jordan and Kat both need Valentine’s Day boxes for school on the tenth so Shelley and I went shopping and got some things to put them together.  Shelley is so much more creative than I am.  I usually cover a cereal box in computer paper and let them decorate that.

On A Computer Now

A guy a went to school with generously gave me a laptop to work on until we get a place again of our own.

Update On Us

They found out the cause of the fire.  Someone in a second floor apartment put their ciggerette in a plastic container and it wasn’t out.  One ciggarette took down the whole building.  $1 million in damage.  We’re still trying to get our stuff out.  People keep asking what we need and other than clothes for us right now I honestly don’t know.  I won’t know until I can get it all out into the light of day to see the condition and smell it.