3 alarm fire

today @ 3:30 pm or so a fire broke out in my apartment building.   We weren’t home but my brother saw smoke from the interstate and called me.  We were able to get Junie, twinkle, and woodstock out but they wouldn’t let me go back in for the budgies.  They fought the fire for hours. Afterwards a firefighter  went in and brought out the budgies who miraculously made it through all that smoke and water.  The south side of the building was totaled.  The roof collapsed.  They said all of us on the north side will have water and smoke damage. We can’t get in to take stock of what was lost.  We can’t go in until they say it is structurally safe.  We are at my brother’s now.  I’m blogging from my phone to let you  know i’ll be mia.  I don’t even know if I have a computer that’s not floating through my living room.  I did grab my ehd when I grabbed junie.  I couldn’t lose the kids’ pictures.   I posted pics on my twitter – heatherm74.  You can also go to whotv.com or kcci.com to read more on the news. Of course the security cameras never worked so they won’t know the cause until the investigation is done.

Two Follow Friday #FollowFriday Tools

I stopped doing Follow Friday on Twitter for awhile.  When you start following hundreds (in my case) or thousands (in some cases) of Twitter peeps, it can get to be a daunting task.  I always feel like I’m leaving someone out.  When I started using TweetDeck awhile ago, I would just go through my @ replies and suggest the people that I had interacted with for the week.  But then there are a lot of people that I may not have had @ replies from that I think are excellent people to follow on Twitter, and what if I left someone out?  Yes, I stress about things like that.

Fashion At The Doctor’s Office

You normally don’t see those words together do you?  My sister is going to nursing school right now and seeing as I adore my nurses I pay attention to them.  I have one nurse whose Medical Uniforms consist of mostly Iowa Hawkeye scrubs.  When I went the other day I purposely wore my Iowa State shirt just for her.  She told me even though I liked the wrong team….. :)  I adore her.  I actually bought that shirt just to annoy Jordan because he hates Iowa State, he’s a Hawkeye fan all the way.  I put it in his pile of clothes and he just about had a conniption fit when he saw it.  Why would you buy this for me?  Please burn it.  No, it’s mine.  Thank you.