2011 Holiday Gift Ideas – Power Paws By Woodrow Wear (Look for the giveaway!)

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Perfect gift idea for those 4 legged friends in your life (the dogs or cats as you’ll see!)


That’s one of my 2 little girls (rescues), Suki.  Is she not adorable?  The Power Paws just add to that cuteness.  They aren’t just cute though, they are practical!

What are Power Paws?

They are socks for dogs.


So much better than shoes or boots.

If you know me, you know that in the wintertime both of my dogs are dressed.  Sweaters, ponchos, the works.  They both have a full wardrobe for potty breaks in the cold frigid Iowa winter.  Especially Junie, she’s a hairy hairless chinese crested.

I’ve tried boots on both of them but they hate them.  A)  They don’t go on well.  B)  They are awkward once you get them on.

It’s not long before either dog gets the boots off.

Hate them.

I stuck these on them, neither of them tried to take them off.

Now, remember I said there were practical reasons for these – ones that revolve around not just being adorable?


  • Traction for senior dogs: you may need just one pair for the back paws, or your dog may need traction on all four paws. Power Paws give dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other neuro-skeletal issues the power to stand, the power to go, and the power to stop!
  • Slippery floors: If your young, middle-aged or aging dog runs through the house and skids on your floors, you should put Power Paws on all four feet. This is also useful for dogs that have lost the confidence to walk on hardwood or tile. Power Paws make movement easier, increasing your pet’s quality of life.
  • Protection against scratches on hardwood floors: Power Paws should be put on all four feet. Refinishing hardwood is expensive and time consuming. Prevent nail marks with Power Paws.
  • Fashion: definitely put Power Paws on all four paws. All dogs enjoy looking good, and some dogs dress up daily. Power Paws come in colors and designs that compliment every dog’s style and personality.
  • Paw wound protection: put one Power Paws sock on the injured paw, or on all four paws for consistency. Power Paws are so soft and comfortable, dogs tend to leave them (and the affected foot) alone. You may be able to remove the e-collar from your dog’s head – a benefit for dog and owner! Many vets and pet owners have achieved favorable results in this application.


  • Protection against salt, snow, and ice: Power Paws have proven to be quite useful in winter conditions. We suggest spraying Power Paws with a couple coats of waterproof spray. Let them dry completely, then enjoy the outdoors with your dog! Power Paws dog socks are machine washable.
  • Protection against extreme heat: such as hot pavement, sand, etc. Power Paws shield sensitive paws from burns. Summer heat does not affect the grip material, and the sock is thick enough to protect paws from heat.
  • An allergy barrier: for dogs that are allergic to dust, dirt, grass, pollen and anything that dogs may step in. When you bring the dog inside, remove the Power Paws and machine wash! You’ve just removed the allergens from your dog’s foot, they have no need to lick their feet, and they won’t ingest the things they are allergic to!
  • To help prevent your dog from slipping in moving vehicles, mobile homes, RVs and boats: Power Paws help to give dogs stability and grip. On a boat, they also protect the teak floors from scratches!

See our care instructions for using Power Paws outside.

From Woodrow Wear’s Why Dog Socks Page

PowerPaws-2Junie would like it known that she had not been groomed this month and was not quite ready for her close-up.  You know how she is about pictures when she is not meticulous. 🙂

Though I worry about Suki’s paws in the winter, Junie is the one I really get concerned about.  She has a little fur on her paws, but it isn’t as thick as Suki’s, hence trying to find boots that fit her and that she will wear.  I am going to spray the waterproof coating over hers so she can wear these out in the winter.  To be honest, I’ll do it with both of theirs.

PowerPaws-3Both of them wondering why the other one is wearing the other 2 socks that were originally on their feet.  Group shot was a must.

Now, I am not an advocate for declawing cats, I am actually directly the opposite of an advocate, but facts are facts, some cats are declawed.  Whether it was something you had done for your cat and you adopted a declawed cat, tell me how perfect these are too keep your cat’s paws warm if it’s really cold out?


Yes, Damon is wearing pink socks with bones on them.  He has no problems with pink and part of me thinks he thinks he is actually a dog.  It works.

Damon isn’t declawed, so I’m thinking that these wouldn’t stop him from clawing up my bed, BUT, after I trim his nails, I think he would look mighty fine in a masculine pair, that would match his collar that he doesn’t leave on.  At least he left the socks on.

Don’t want to just take my word for it?  Read their testimonial page.  There are tons there, a lot from people with elderly dogs who have trouble getting traction to stand on their own.  I think this is a beautiful product that gives them back some of their mobility.

They also have the Greyhound Edition of the Power Paws for the hare-footed dog breeds (ie: greyhounds and poodles).

They have so many different styles for the male and female dog.  Since this is in my 2011 Holiday Gift Ideas, I must share their Christmas ones!

Junie, Suki, AND, Damon all need those.

And you still have time to get the Halloween pair if you order quickly!

Tell me those are not adorable?

Something very important that makes Woodrow Wear fall into the category of near and dear to my heart is the fact that they offer a special promotional price to rescues groups so they can sell these to their supporters and keep the profits for the rescue (or their dog club), they also offer special pricing to all active members of the military, police, or fire teams.  Thank you Woodrow Wear for this.  It’s sets you apart from many other pet companies!

If you are a groomer or a vet or any other company that works with dogs, they also offer wholesale pricing.

Make sure you read Woodrow’s story too!  What a beautiful dog!

I believe in Power Paws so much, that I am sponsoring a giveaway on Junie’s blog, They All need Saved.  You enter here.

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I think I can give this a big


I’m a pet mama, right?  Maybe we’ll give it a Junie Paws up!  Fabulous product that is fashionable but also has very practical uses, including helping dogs that need some help with traction issues, protecting their paws from cold and heat, and for their special pricing for rescues and our men and women who serve us.


Thank you so much to Lorraine at Woodrow Wear for taking a chance on me even though this blog is not all about animals and for such a neat product that I love!

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  • Christina J

    ITA – Our Lily needs something to keep her feet warm on the cold nights but she does not like boots/shoes. These socks are perfect!

  • That is so neat that they’ll keep them on. I would have thought they’d hate anything on their feet. How cool!

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    Great review and a really great product!

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    I think that is soo cute. I would love a pair of those for my baby 🙂