2011 Holiday Gift Ideas – Hair Twisters Pony Tail Wrap

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Perfect gift idea for Girls, Tweens, Teens, Women, Men with long hair, bikers!

Have you seen these?  Pony Tail Wraps from Hair Twisters?

LOVE them! 

Fun unique ways to do something different to your hair.  That is something I am always trying to come up with.  Once you hit say, 21?  Those big bows we used to wear to cheerleading in high school just don’t look as cool anymore.  Flowers are good, but really, do all of your outfits call for hair flowers?  No.


I do that all the time.


I still do those.

But I always want to do something different.  And this, this is totally something I can share with my girls too.  In fact, they have been begging me to let them use it.  The problem is, I need to buy some more because if one wears it, the other one is mad.  I want to buy that silver one above.

Hair Twisters sent me a mini hair twister to review.  It was perfect for those days when I wanted to pull my bangs out of my face, or what I have left of bangs as I am growing them out again.  I want to buy one in both gold and silver for myself because it will match more of my outfits, but this one is fun, and I had a lot of people ask me where I got it from.  Especially fellow soccer moms with girls.


Hair Twister Purple Rainbow – 4 Inch


Aren’t I cute?  🙂

I think my favorite mini twister is the Hair Twister Silver Wildflowers – 4 Inch.



These are not cheap little flexible metal things that are going to get bent out of shape.  They are made of sturdy metal and they definitely don’t fall out.  Those pictures of me above were taken after soccer practice.  I coach my daughter’s team, so I am out there moving with them.  Stayed in place the whole time.

That shows you you how simple this is to put in.  Just grab your pony tail, wrap it around the Pony Tail Wrap, and slide the hook in it.  So easy, Katiana (my 7 year old) could do it.


I thought that was a really cool idea for bikers.  Not your typical braid or pony tail and nothing is going to come flying out of that.  Your hair is in place even with the wind.

Since it’s breast cancer awareness month, I have to give a shout out for their products that are helping raise $$ for breast cancer.  I love companies that do this.  20% of all the proceeds from the Breast Cancer Awarness Ponytail Wrap – 6 Inch and the Breast Cancer Awarness Ponytail Wrap – 12 Inch are going to National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Thank you Hair Twisters for being a charitable business!


That one is made out of cloth.  Very cool!

Want to add a little to your ponytail wrap?  They have charms and bling!

hairtwister-6Oh yes, Twilight fans, they have a 

"Twilight Inspired" Cullen Crest Hair Hook – Black

You can choose different Hair Hooks, Charms, Feather Extensions, Jewelry, and even Wholesale for those of you looking for unique items in that category. 

Make sure you also check out their Hairtwisters Blog for more ideas!

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Pony Tail Wraps are definitely getting a


for being a product that both moms and daughters can share and if you have a man with long hair – totally cool for them too!  Jordan is waiting for his mohawk to get longer to be able to use one himself.  He’s getting there.


I want to thank Hair Twisters for sending me a Pony Tail Wrap to try out.  We will definitely be getting more.  When I get the Ponytail Wrap Gold – 6 Inch and the Ponytail Wrap Silver – 6 Inch, I am not sharing. 🙂

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  • Kathy

    Makes me want to grow my hair out again. Coated rubber bands give me a headache!

  • Cheryl@CoconutOilForHair

    These are really cute! I love the look of the hair twisters. I think I’ll have to get one myself. You did a good job sharing these fun unique hair accessories. thanks!

  • chimey@Brazilian straight hair

    I love Hair Twisters! These ponytail wraps are made with extreme care and are just gorgeous. If I wear one of mine I will get a compliment when I go out, without any doubt. So will you!.