Dreams And Aspirations For A New Life

I have so many dreams and aspirations.  If we’re just talking short term, as in this coming year, I really would like us to finally settle down and buy a house.  I am so very very very tired of apartment living.  When we moved in here we had 2 kids in a 3 bedroom.  Now we have 4 kids in a 3 bedroom and it’s just not enough room.  We get so close, then something happens.  Right now we are struggling with “insufficient” credit.  Not bad.  Just not enough.  The bank said that we can either pay off my new car longer or get a co-signer for a year and then they will refinance it to just us.  We’ve paid on my car for 18 months now.  I’m hoping a few more months will get us where we need to be. I want room.  I want Jordan to have more space to get away from the little ones.  I want the little ones to have a fenced in backyard with a play yard.  I want room to move.  Is that too much to ask?

Birthday Dinner

I would like to say I made it through the first birthday in like 3 years without shedding a tear.  YAY me!  :)  My birthdays depress me, I’ll admit it.  But, yesterday I didn’t dwell on getting older, I just tried to enjoy the day.  My mom and dad took me out to Prairie Meadows during the day.  I didn’t win, but it was fun none the less.