Daily Archives: December 14, 2010

**CLOSED** w/no entries – Fun Holiday Idea: iCaughtSanta.com w/5 to giveaway

Gift Idea: Prima Princessa Presents The Nutcracker

prima Prima Princessa Presents the Nutcracker

Gift Idea: Favorite Wigs

I had the most fun with this review!  I received a European Natural Wig – The Cassandra in color 18E to be specific. 

Long Day

I think I have cabin fever.  Doesn’t help that Jordan was home sick.  He wasn’t faking it this time.  He truly was sick.  I have the proof.  He threw up ON my bed last night.  My bed that’s not even a year old.  And he probably threw up 4 other times.

Gift Idea – Beautiful Beading

Have I got a hidden gem for you here in central Iowa!  She ships too, so this is available to everyone!  She doesn’t have a website yet, but she does have a Facebook fan page.  Beautiful Beading  Her prices are beyond reasonable and her work is just gorgeous!