What Apps Do You Use On Your iPod or Phone?

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Just wondering since nothing happened yesterday to blog about other than soccer and kids not listening. AT.ALL.  Drove me up the wall.

Pato gave me this iPod Touch when the guy who bought it from him cracked a small portion of the upper screen and refused to pay for the rest of it.  Didn’t get that.  You cracked it, but you won’t finish paying for it.  Nice.  Anyway, with the pink silicone cover on it, you can’t even tell the screen is cracked. Love it so much more than my pink iPod Nano that I had before.  Passed that one down to Kat.  The iPod Touch got me through when I was sick and in bed for a week.  I have mostly free apps.   The 2 paid ones I have are ones that I am going to review here on my blog. (That would be the 2 Wubbzy ones for the kids.)

Right now on my iPod I have –

For the kids I have –

I had these ones and played them a lot, but decided it was a waste of time.  They aren’t really that fun, just addicting, checking your stuff, how it’s growing etc.  Tap Resort Party, TapFish, TapBirds

I have to say Tap Tap Revenge 3 is my absolute favorite game to play.  Slightly addicting and I’ve bought quite a few songs on iTunes because of it.  Impossible by Anberlin, I like that by Richard Vission and the Static Revenger featuring Luciana, The Golden Age by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (Pato HATES it when I play this song.  HATES.IT), and Calling The Maker by Aimee Allen are the ones I most recently grabbed.  The last one and the first are my favorit-ist songs right now.

Ok, so what apps are on yours?  I haven’t found one yet that I have to have that I would have paid for.  Most of my productivity stuff I do on my phone (Palm Pre ) and I’ve bought a few apps for that because I have internet access all the time on that and don’t have to find a wi-fi hot spot.

Want to know what’s on my phone – just in case you have a Palm Pre ?

Sure you do, cuz this post is just so informative. 

On my phone the ones I use most are The Weather Channel, Express News, Where’s My Car, and Shopping Manager.

So there you have it.  My list of favorite apps for the iPod (iPhone/iPad your choice of addiction) and for the Palm Pre.

Do they have wholesale distributors of apps? I’m thinking I actually need a 12 step program. There won’t be much room for music on my iPod if I keep going. :)

In other news, I am love with a car now.  I was driving the kids to school and pulled up behind a mom dropping her kids off too.  She was driving this –


Pato would tell me it was bien fea.  (really ugly)

I could not stop looking at it.  You should see the rear window.

Want one!  It’s a Nissan Cube.  They have it in pink!  I want a pink Cube!  Maybe it doesn’t come in pink?  It shows pink, but that might be pink accessories.  Don’t care, love pink!  It only sits 5 and we have 6, but does Pato really need to ride with us?  He has a car.  Works for me!

Have a great day!

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