Monthly Archives: August 2010

Long Couple Of Days

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone 2 days without blogging.  Friday and Saturday were very very very long. 

If You Could See Me Now

You won’t be, but if you could.  I’m scary.  Stuffed up nose, sore throat, pressure – oh my dear Lord, the pressure. It’s behind the bridge of my nose.  I want to go back to bed but Christiano is not in the mood for a nap.  Well, he was, but the girls woke him up.  My nose is raw from blowing it.  Doesn’t matter what kind of tissue I use – though Angel Soft toilet paper seems to be the best so far.  There’s no way I’m posting a picture of how pretty I look right now.


Spirit Spirit by Andrew Feder

Now I’m Totally Bummed

When Katiana and I were cleaning yesterday, she asked me what to do with the paperwork for Jordan’s camp.  I told her to put it on my desk.  Then it went missing.  She doesn’t know where it’s at.

Water Water Everywhere

I swear everything has sprung a leak.  Ok, it’s actually only my air conditioner and my toilet.

Toone Offers Ways To Expand Your Child’s Mind

Child expert Wendy Toone offers fun ways to expand your child’s mind during the dog days of summer. 

And He Is Now At Camp


Letting Go

For a week is hard.  I mean, Jordan’s spent 5 days at his dad’s house, no problem.  I always start missing him the second day, and by day 4 I’m calling to see when he’s coming home.