If You Could See Me Now

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You won’t be, but if you could.  I’m scary.  Stuffed up nose, sore throat, pressure – oh my dear Lord, the pressure. It’s behind the bridge of my nose.  I want to go back to bed but Christiano is not in the mood for a nap.  Well, he was, but the girls woke him up.  My nose is raw from blowing it.  Doesn’t matter what kind of tissue I use – though Angel Soft toilet paper seems to be the best so far.  There’s no way I’m posting a picture of how pretty I look right now.

I had things I wanted to do today too.

I wanted to drop off the shirt I bought for my cousin, then I wanted to run the new happy hut thing that I made for my sister in law’s lovebird off at their house, and my sister is having a jewelry party tonight.  I am not up to any of it, not to mention I don’t think anyone else wants to catch what I have.  Which I know for a fact is contagious because all of my kids woke up with stuffy noses this morning.


My dad came and picked up my cousin’s shirt to take to my aunt and my SIL is coming to pick up the happy hut.  At least that is done.  My sister said that she had a couple of people tell her that they would be at her party, so all is not lost.

The happy hut thing came out so cute!  I made this one for Twinkle when we first got her, but as you can see, it’s long.  When I saw the size of the one that came with Woodstock, I decided to make something similar so Twinkle would have even more room. 



I was kind of really proud of myself.  It’s not perfect, but I made that free hand – no pattern.  Just looked at Woodstock’s, which is backless and figured out how to add a back to it.  Next sewing task is to make a dress for Kat’s first day of school. She picked out the pattern, the fabric, the ric rac, the buttons, I just don’t know how to work with a pattern.  I could probably figure it out, but it’s a pattern that can make 6 dresses in sizes 4 – 8 or something like that.  I want to make them for both girls.  I need my mom to help me figure out how to do it so I don’t ruin the pattern for Alyce when I’m making something for Kat.

And that my friends is for when I’m not sicker than a dog.

Me thinks my mom doesn’t want to catch what I have.

Tomorrow is the day I get to go up and watch the rodeo at Jordan’s camp, eat lunch with him, and then I can bring him home directly from there.  I truly hope this lets up then.  I am not missing that for the world.

And now my friends, I have run out of all the energy I mustered up to type this post, so I shall bid you adieu. 

Or Adios.

Or just goodbye.

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  • kamoons

    I love you so. I wish you felt better. Better yet, I’ll be lifting up prayers for ya!