Daily Archives: July 22, 2010

Feature Friday! Closet 365!

Feature Friday is a new thing here at The 24/7 Mom!  I am going to play 20 questions with some of my favorite bloggers each Friday!  Read along, check them out, and hopefully you will find a new blog to read because these bloggers featured on Friday are Fabulous!

Crisis Averted

Remember my dishwasher was broke yesterday?  They had someone over by 2:00 PM to fix it.  It was my fave maintenance guy. 

Rubicon and the Government

Like your “typical” republican, I am leery of big government.  I think government has gotten way too big, too many hands in too many pockets, too many self-serving politicians, too many people only looking out for themselves.  I however veer from my fellow republicans on issues of immigration.  I agree with the need to secure our borders, I agree that the federal government needs to do their job, I don’t agree with the way Arizona is going about dealing with immigration issues, and I’ve talked about that before.