Going Through My Closet

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Remember back when I reviewed What To Wear For The Rest Of Your Life I said I was going to get up the nerve to go through my closet?

I did it.

We had a bunch of clothes that needed put away and I thought before we do that, I’m going to go through my closet and get rid of what I don’t wear anymore.

Holy cow.

5 garbage bags for goodwill, 1 to the dumpster, and 1 bag of t-shirts to Jordan later my closet and my dresser are cleaned out.  Woohoo!

Though, I was sad.  Getting rid of my size 10’s and 12’s was like admitting I’m never going to wear that size again.  I still am holding out hope, I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that after having a breast reduction and then nursing 3 more babies, I’m never going to fit into those cute little shirts I used to wear without looking like I’m going to bust out of them.  And how often am I really going to wear black pants with glitter bursting out of them?  It’s not like I hit the club anymore. 

Plus, Pato said if I get down to that size again, we’ll buy me new clothes.

On the plus side (pun intended), I also got rid of anything size 18 and up and all of my maternity clothes. (Do you know I had some size 28Ws in there from before I lost 80 lbs – that was before I had Katiana.  Why hold on to those?)  I kept my 14’s and 16’s, the sizes I can still wear now.  I did get rid of some “stay at home mom” clothes.  (I know, there are some very fashionable stay at home mom’s – I used to be one, but lately, not so much.)  Got rid of a lot of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jogging pants.  I wouldn’t get rid of any yoga pants.  I need something to wear at home.

My side of the closet is just a tad bare.

Now I need to go through the garage.  That’s where all of my old “clubbing” clothes are.  I had some of the cutest dresses to wear out.  I couldn’t fit my left thigh into one now.  Plus, some of them were downright dangerous.  I had a halter dress that I wore …… One.Time.Only.

I had gone out with my friend for her birthday and we each had a jumbo margarita.  You know, the fishbowl size margarita.  I drank the whole thing, by myself.  I didn’t drink much back then even, so that knocked me flat on my butt.  We went out dancing and my boyfriend at the time sidled up next to me and is doing something with my dress.  I shoved him away, thinking he wanted to get frisky on the dance floor. 

My friend came out to me and started dancing with me.  She leaned in and said, your boob is hanging out of your dress.

Oh yes it was.

Flopped right out over the top of the elastic band.  Thank god for the strings tying the dress behind my neck.  Without that, I might have lost the whole dress and not realized it.

I was MORTIFIED!  Drunk or not, I was so embarrassed I hid in the balcony until everyone was ready to leave.

How drunk do you have to be to not feel that your boob is out bouncing in the air?

Pretty darn drunk.

Never wore that dress again.

So, some of those dresses out there, I won’t be missing too much.

In other news, Pato has a toothache again.  After last time, he was supposed to get it taken care of after the infection was gone. Well, once it felt better, he didn’t feel the need to get it done.

Here we are in full on cleaning mode because of inspection this week, washing walls, windows, everything, and his tooth flares up again.  I had so many things I needed him to help me with yesterday.  Instead he was in bed all day.  I had to run around and get his prescriptions the dentist ordered, both antibiotic and pain relief.

He was in bed until about 6 last night.  Then he got up and started folding clothes.

None of the big stuff I wanted done is done yet.

His face is all swollen and he talks funny now.

He’s getting the tooth pulled at 10:30 this morning.

Then he better come home and help me with stuff.

I’m so sympathetic.  I really am.  But it’s inspection week and city inspectors are the worst.  They are ones who open things.  I do not like the city inspector, I do not like him, that detector.

Dr Sues I am not.

Have a great day!

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  • http://flmoms-winterbabe98.blogspot.com/ Barb

    Though I don’t have kids as young as your children’s age, I do enjoy your blog posts!!! :O)
    I, too, have been purging my closet of clothes that I haven’t worn in years, holding onto the 14’s and 16’s that I currently float back & forth between! I plan to buy clothes when I get back down into the smaller sizes again one of these days.

  • Kristy

    I recently did the same thing! But, part of me is still holding on to hope that I will get into those size 12 and 10’s again! I got rid of most of them, but kept a couple around just so if it does happen, then I have a couple pants to wear until I buy more. Oh, it’s rough! I swear every woman doesn’t have just one wardrobe. They have about 3 wardrobes all reflecting a different size! And, I have no use for the “party” clothes anymore either!
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