Summer Things To Do

Yesterday I was complaining because I forgot they were shutting off the hot water and didn’t get a shower in before they did it.

I checked the water at 5.  No hot water.  I checked the water at 6.  No hot water.  I checked the water at 7.  No hot water.  I gave up.

Finally at 10 I checked again, hot water!  I did the dance of joy, envisioning a nice warm shower.  Christiano had other plans.  Guess what time I finally got in the shower?  2:30 AM.  How ridiculous is that?  And I need one already this morning.  Even with the air on, it is nasty nasty humid in our place right now. 

I did get the dishwasher started at 10 when the hot water came back on.  At least we had clean dishes.

Pato gave Christiano a shower first thing this morning.  Now I just need to get the girls done, Jordan obviously can do his own, and we’ll all be nice and clean.

Stupid hot water heater needing replaced and all.

Switching the topic so I don’t spend this whole post complaining, I’m all excited for my niece’s birthday.  Remember my review of Peepshow Perfumes?  I just ordered Taylor her own custom blended perfume.  She doesn’t have any more listed because I bought myself another one.  I am hoping that Taylor’s comes out smelling like strawberry shortcake (the food, not the doll) and mine is pumpkin.  I know, it’s July, but I love the smell of pumpkin

For Taylor’s I had her do strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, and angel food cake.  For mine, pumpkin, spicy vanilla, amber, and patchouli.  I can almost smell it already. 

I may just need some weight loss product reviews by the time I’m done opening the package and smelling them.  Seriously, her stuff smells good enough to eat.  Love love love them!

I love supporting Etsy sellers and Peepshow Perfumes and Opulant Alchemy (same seller) are so easy to support.

I asked Taylor if she’d like something like that for her birthday and what her favorite smells were, so she probably knows that’s what she’s getting from me, but you never know.  Aunt Heather can be flakey sometimes and change up her mind in a flash.  Or forget.  I’m good at that.

My sister in law and I were talking this morning about going to Adventureland with this kids this summer.  I haven’t been since high school.  Then I checked the prices and decided that for $6 more per person, we should just drive to KC and go to World’s Of Fun.  Adventureland is fun, but it’s not like the big huge amusement parks.   At least it wasn’t um, 17 years ago.  It’s probably changed a tad, I would hope so since ticket prices have gone up $20 in 17 years.  I’m a cheapskate, it’s all good.  We’ve talked about it before.  I acknowledge my problem with spending a lot of money, meaning, I agonize over it.

I could save a lot of money and just take the kids to the Blank Park Zoo.  We actually need to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo, we go there every summer, but that’s a trip that I have to take with Pato.  That zoo is a lot bigger than our Des Moines zoo and it takes all day. With 4 kids, an extra pair of adult hands is a must for that kind of trip.  I’ve taken all 4 kids to the Blank Park Zoo by myself many times and it’s a 3 hour jaunt through the whole zoo.  Love that place!  You know, I might just take the kids today to the zoo.  I wish I’d thought to buy a membership back at the beginning of the summer.  I could still buy one, it’s good for a year, but I like to start off the summer with one.   I just decided we’re going to the zoo today. 

I shall talk to you later!

Have a great day!

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