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Congrats to Sonya Allstun!  Thank you to everyone who entered!

I’ll admit it.  We are a Zhu Zhu pet family!  The girls each have one (Kat has 2 counting her Zhu bunny), Christiano has 1, they all have accessories.  Jordan wanted one, but I hadn’t gotten him one because they just seemed too young for him.  Then they come out with Kung Zhu!  Ninja warrior hamsters?  Awesome!  Jordan loves army guys.  He lines them all up on his desk and does various battles that can get really intricate in their design.  (I’m so glad he’s still acts like a kid at 11!)

We got a HUGE box filled with Kung Zhu toys!  My kids could not wait to dig in but I said they had to wait until we could get together with their cousin Carter because we were sharing with him.  Today was that day!

Picture heavy post!

Let me start this out with saying, the little ones couldn’t wait until everything was put together.  They started playing as the pieces came out.


Carter, Alyce, and Christiano with the half put together ring.  They were battling already!


Carter and his tank, with Kung Zhu hamster driving into battle of course!


Taylor and Jordan putting one of the rings together.


Flags are up!


Alyce and Christiano


Cambria preferred the boxes.


Kung Zhu mass chaos.  See how big that box is compared to Christiano?  That was filled with Kung Zhu stuff!


Christiano’s ninja


Taylor with Carter’s in it’s battle armor.


The girls brought their Zhu Zhu pets with them.  That’s Kat with her Zhu Zhu Bunny .


Alyce with Kat’s other Zhu Zhu pet.


How about we end with mr cheesy smile, Christiano!

Kung Zhu are available at a variety of places including Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, and of course at Amazon

Also, MomSelect is having a Kung Zhu Twitter party!

Kung Zhu™ Twitter Party

Date: Friday, June 18th, 2010
Time: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. EST
Location: #KungZhu
Host: @MomTalkRadio (Maria Bailey, Founder of MomSelect)

Be sure to follow @MomTalkRadio, @ResourcefulMom, @Zhuniverse and @MomSelectAmy throughout the evening for updates, prize information and contest details.

We could not leave you guys out of the Kung Zhu fun!  I saved a set off to the side to give away to one of my awesome readers!


You get everything in the picture: Azer, the Kung Zhu hamster, battle armor, a Samurai Training Ground, and the Dragon Hammer!


Tell me which Kung Zhu the kid in your life would like the best! (The winner still gets Azer, it’s who I have. :) )



Enter to win a Kung Zhu pack from #HeatherM74 http://bit.ly/bt1Zss 7/7 please RT #Giveaway! US only!

See this link for extra entries now.  It will open in a new window/tab.  Then you can just look, come back to this page, and enter each one you did.

Giveaway ends on 7/5/10 at 11:59 PM CST. US ONLY! – Winners will be chosen by random number generator. Winners will be emailed and must respond within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be chosen.


Thank you to MomSelect and Kung Zhu for providing us with a box full of Kung Zhu stuff to review and give away!

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