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I was able to review Frownies recently.  I was sent their Facelift In A Bag.


I’ve been using it for quite awhile now and may I say, I adore their Immune Perfect!

Clinical trials reveal 98% of women who tested FROWNIES Immune Perféct for 30 days saw a visible difference in texture, firmness and clarity of their skin. Skin trial participants said Immune Perfect was the best wrinkle cream they have every used. Immune Perféct is a gel cream with bio-active plant based antioxidants to protect and build the skin while providing continuous active hydration. A supply of beneficial nutrients helps keep the skin and cellular layers hydrated and younger looking.

I also really like their ph balancing complexion wash.  My skin feels wonderful after I use it.

Their Rose Water Hydrator Spray!  I love it!  Honestly, I feel like I’m from the Deep South back in the day.  Back when ladies wore big hoop skirts and fanned themselves under the magnolia tree.  It feels so good when I spray it on!

The combination of these I think has really helped my pores.  On my nose it was horrible.  They were huge.  When I put on my concealer, foundation, and powder, with or without a primer, the make up seems to sink into my pores and enunciates them.  I hated it!  I’ve noticed that that doesn’t happen since I have been using all of those products.  Plus, my skin doesn’t feel as dry, something I have a huge problem with. 

Now, I don’t have too many wrinkles yet, though they are creeping up. I do though have some very deep ones in between my eyebrows from not wearing my sunglasses when I should and squinting while driving.  I hate them.  In fact, they are the whole reason that I cut my bangs.  Something to cover the wrinkles with.

I wish my change had been as dramatic as the changes of the people on the website because they look awesome!  I tried to use the patches overnight because I don’t have time to wear them for 3 hours a day when I’m not sleeping.  When I would wake up and have pulled them off.  I don’t honestly know how long I wore them each night, so it’s my own fault that I didn’t get the effect that I wanted. 

Other than that, I think this set is awesome!  I just wish I could leave the patches on while I’m sleeping because I’ve noticed a light change in the wrinkles, I think if I could get them to stay on my face (not their fault because they are on secure when I finally go to sleep) I think they would do what they say they do.  Their products average 4 to 5 stars on Amazon. 

So if you have wrinkles and you’re fingers don’t climb up to your face while you’re sleeping like I do, you might give this a try before trying an injection like botox which I totally would have considered if we had the fundage for it.  I will continue to buy the Immune Perfect, PH-Balancing Complexion Wash, and the Rose Water Hydrator Spraybecause those are working for me.  At least what I have isn’t getting worse.

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and I found the Face Lift in a Bag on Amazon for $89.96.


Thank you so much to Frownies for letting me try their Face Lift in a Bag

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