**CLOSED** Steam Designs Review/Giveaway

Congratulations to Heather!  (Not me of course!) and thank you to everyone who entered!

I’m sure you all know by now that I adore Etsy artists and have I found another fabulous one for you!

Steam Designs

Lately I’ve really been liking the look of steampunk jewelry (along with everyone else!) and his stuff is just beautiful!

Take a peak at what he sent me.


Is that not absolutely gorgeous?  It’s even more beautiful in person!  This is a solid piece of jewelry.  When I opened up the pretty black bag that it came in and slid it into my hand I was really surprised.  It’s not heavy, like painful to wear heavy, because it’s very comfortable to wear, but it has a little weight to it.  You can feel the quality sitting in your hand.  I hope that makes sense to you because it’s the best way I can describe it.  It is also absolutely stunning!  I put on a black shirt tonight, dark blue jeans, silver flip flops, put the necklace on, a pair of hoops and off to soccer practice I went.  I talked to 5 people while I had the little ones on the playground while Kat was practicing.  All 5 of them ooooo’d and ahh’d over my necklace and asked me where I got it.  2 of them reached out to touch it.  That’s in the first hour of wearing it.  I’m telling you, I was the best dressed mom at soccer and it was all the necklace.

It’s definitely a conversation piece, an eye catcher, something people notice right away.

I love it!!

We are having family pictures on Saturday with my whole extended family (19 of us) and I’m already planning my outfit around this necklace.  That means my own family’s outfits will be planned around the outfits so we all look good together.  Tell me you don’t do that?

I also have to share that Jordan attempted to steal this necklace from me tonight. When I came back from practice, I took off the necklace and my earrings, got into my PJs, and sat at my desk.  I go to do the review and my necklace is missing.  I know I put it here, where did it go?  Jordan is wearing it.  (My 11 year old son.)  He thinks it’s sweet.  I had to take it off of him myself because he wouldn’t take it off until I promised he could wear it to school tomorrow.  Um, no.  It’s mine.  Mine mine mine.  No children shall be wearing it.  Thank you.

Let me show you a few more of Daniel’s gorgeous pieces you’ll find in his store!


Steampunk Bird Brooch with Swarovski Crystals


Steampunk Filligree Necklace With Swarovski Crystals


Steampunk Winged Adjustable Ring With Swarovski Crystals

And Father’s Day is coming up!  Wouldn’t your husband look fab in these?  Or your father?  I think they are just beautiful!  If Pato ever wore anything that required cuff links, I would grab these for him.


Bronze Steampunk Cufflinks

He’s even got clip on earrings for those who don’t have their ears pierced, but love to wear earrings!

He’s got something for everyone!

Guess what he’s got for you?

The ring that matches my necklace!


So beautiful!  One lucky reader is going to be sporting that and it will come in a package to your from Australia!  That means this giveaway is WORLDWIDE!  I know!  International ladies!  Join me on this one!


Go over to Steam Designs on Etsy and let me know what your absolute favorite product is!



Win a gorgeous steampunk watch ring by @BySteamDesigns from #HeatherM74 http://bit.ly/c1HWwy ends 5/28 please RT #Giveaway! WORLDWIDE

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Thank you so much to Steam Designs for sending me a gorgeous necklace for this review and for having a giveaway with The 24/7 Mom!

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