Daily Archives: March 7, 2010

Beaded Hope Giveaway

This is not my giveaway, but Cathy Liggett’s.  You know I absolutely loved the book from my review you can read here.  I received an email update from her about it and thought I’d pass it on to the rest of you fabulous ladies.  You can win a copy of Beaded Hope and this gorgeous bracelet!  It’s a very simple, just enter your name and email address to put your name in the drawing.

Ten Tips that Will Change How You Look and Feel About Beauty

I just received this great article, which is so in touch with my last 2 posts and how I feel about myself.  I thought it would be a great read for anyone who has problems with themselves.

He Crawled In When?

Yesterday ended up being a great day.  I went to Goodwill in the morning because I’m not sure of where any other thrift stores are.  One of my friends on Facebook told me to go to the Salvation Army in Ames because the college kids throw out a lot of awesome stuff.  I haven’t been to Ames in years.  I think a road trip might be in order.  That is if the college kids have a big ol’ butt like mine.  :)  That was the one thing I had problems with.  I really had to dig to find anything bigger than a size 8 or 10 in the racks.  I was missing the days that I could wear those sizes because there were so many cute cute cute things in those sizes.  I would have spent a lot more if I wore a smaller size.