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Project 365 Day 47 and 48

I didn’t get to post my picture last night, so here is Day 47.  I should have looked at it more closely because it’s not as good as I would want it to be, but I can’t go back to yesterday and retake it. :)

My to do list is getting shorter

My word.  I got behind on blogging when my keyboard died last night.  I had a bunch of things I needed to post.  I told Pato to stop and get me a new keyboard after work and he showed up at 1 in the morning with it.  I’d be mad if it wasn’t for the fact that he had forgotten the choriqueso (cheese dip and Mexican sausage) that I had requested at work. On his way home he called his boss and asked him to grab it off the bar and then he sat on the side of the road waiting for his boss to drive by with my food. :)  Really, that’s too sweet.

**CLOSED** Rainbow Brite Giveaway!

Guess Who Is Back? Rainbow Brite!


** CLOSED** OldNavyWeekly Giveaway – 10 Winners! Quick!

Rethink What Matters!


**CLOSED** Kool Kids Legs Review & Giveaway

REDO!  One of our winners didn’t get back to me (I’m sorry Melanie!) so I picked a new winner!