The Birthday

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We had a lot of fun Tuesday night.  My whole family actually was able to come, even if just for a few minutes before they rushed off to school. (My sister Abby is going to school, taking classes she’ll need as she’s on the waiting list for the nursing program. – Going OT here for a sec, I always hear how we have a nurse shortage, we need more excellent nurses, while people like my sister want to go to school for it and she’s on a 2 year waiting list.  I think we have a shortage of nursing instructors hence nursing shortage.)

My brother called me when it was over and said, I had an incredible time.  (We went to the Incredible Pizza Company.) He’s a smart……um…..butt. :)

After Jordan got home from school the boys’ opened the presents.  I only edited 2 of them because Jordan’s came out pooey.  He was either making faces or I zoomed too much or whatever.  This is the best one and I did a crappy job of editing it too.  I was tired last night.


Yes, that is what my son wore to school on his birthday.  No, it’s not my fault.  It was comfy day so he wore his pajama pants and one of my old t-shirts even though I told him to get out one of his own t-shirts.  This t-shirt had been sent to the t-shirts I can use to dye my hair in pile because Pato borrowed it and don’t ask me what he was doing in it when he stained it all up because I don’t know.  I was so mad.  It was one of my fave t-shirts.  But, I go off topic.  This is a happy post. Not a nagging wife post. So easy to slip into the role.


Nano with his new See ‘n Say, because every child must have one.  Since I only edited one of Jordan, I didn’t think it would be right to show off 25 pictures of Nano opening his presents. I missed the best shot though.  We didn’t even have his cars and trucks out of their boxes before he was driving them across the floor – still in the package.  Child loves things that go vroooom.


I say that cake is missing stuff –


Harley Davidson cake

Like 2 motorcycles, the grass, the Harley Davidson sign, and I think the flames kind of suck.  Just my opinion though.  The boys liked it.  (Pato picked it up or I would have asked them about it.)


Not the best picture, but top view.  I’m thinking this could almost go on the cake wrecks blog.  Do you like how the and is almost on top of Jordan’s name and the flames running into Christiano’s.  I keep going back and forth and I’m really not happy with this cake.  That’s a first.  Usually Hy-Vee make the cakes look exactly like the picture you order from.

Oh well, the boys liked it.

ETA – I just talked to Hy-Vee and they are giving us a cake for Katiana’s birthday to make up for the fact that this cake doesn’t look like the picture that was posted on the internet. I  told them that I thought a new decorator had made this cake because in 11 years, getting multiple cakes a year for the kids’ birthdays the cakes have always been gorgeous.  She said it was an older decorator.  Oh well.


The one time I saw Jordan all night.  He was offing racing go karts and hanging with his uncles.


(That little owie under his nose fell off yesterday in the shower before his doctor’s appointment.  YAY!  Always nice when you take your kid to their well child check NOT looking like they were beat up by their 3 year old sister who really just wanted to love them.)

First thing I say to Pato every time he holds a baby over a flame?  Grab his hands!  When my brother Stevie was 1 my mom made him a pineapple upside down cake for his birthday, because she rocks like that.  She wasn’t quick enough as he went to grab the flame on the candle and burned his hand.  That always puts a damper on the singing of happy birthday. With that in my head at every 1st birthday party I yell, grab their hands! :)


Alcye playing a dance dance whatever.


Kat and Nano playing.


My favorite picture of the night.  Christiano didn’t care about the games.  He wanted to take the card swiper off of the machines.  That was his goal the whole evening.  Grab the card swiper and shake shake shake, trying to tear it off.  Maybe he though he needed a souvenir?

Like I said, Jordan was off with my brothers and Pato so I didn’t actually get any pictures of him playing, but he had a blast.  Came home with 2 – 1st place trophies from Go Kart race wins.

I got to race Go Karts twice.  The first time Katiana rode with me.  We raced my brother and his son, Carter and a bunch of people I don’t know.  I swear my brother looked back at me laughing while I was in last place and said, who taught you how to drive?  Dude, the same person who taught you how to drive.  It’s the car man, the car!

The second time I got to ride in a fast car because I had no children with me.  I raced my SIL Shelley, my SIL (at least I call her that because her and Steve have been together forever) Angie, and my niece Taylor.  Got second in that one.  That was fun!  I kept trying to pass Shelley on the curves and she wouldn’t let me.  When we were done she said, you scared me on those curves, I thought you were going to hit me.  Nope, just enjoying the breeze through my hair.  :)

I’ll leave you with a classic picture of my family (actually my brother Steve), only a couple of people had cake because everyone wanted to get out and start playing.  (Nano ate his cake last night.  I fed it to him instead of letting him dive into it.)

My brother Steve, the candle flame grabber, partook in the cake though –


It’s what we do.

Have a great day!

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  • Eva Gallant

    Just dropping by from SITS to say hi. Love the birthday cakes. Those are totally awesome!
    .-= Eva Gallant´s last blog ..Throwback Thursday: 1950? =-.

  • Alex aka Ma What’s For Dinner

    Looks like a great time! I kind of liked the flames…I’m sure it tasted great and it looks like everyone had fun!

    Happy Birthday to all!

    Alex aka Ma What’s For Dinner?