Daily Archives: January 14, 2010

Roll Over Darn It!

That’s how it’s done in our house.  How do you do it your house?  Take the Cottonelle Poll and let the world know how you do it!



Potty Training…..Poo

Ok moms, I need some help.  You remember how hard it’s been to potty train Alyce.  (Remember the whole, Alyce, why don’t you go on your potty? I don’t love my potty. I’d love a pink potty. Bought a pink potty, she didn’t love it either thing?)  She just turned 3 in December for those who are just joining us. :) We finally have her in panties all day and she’s dry.  She hasn’t had one accident for 2 weeks.  She loves her pink potty finally.

You know I love to shop

or window shop that is. Because I’m a mommy to 4 and I don’t like to spend a lot on myself, but I still love to look and then I hmmm and haw over it until I finally break down and buy something that I think I can’t live without.

Project 365 Day 14

So, now we’re off the pictures of snow and onto cherished possessions – quirky ones.  Today’s picture is this –