Daily Archives: January 11, 2010

Pink Glove Dance

This is just so fun and neat, but it actually made me cry a little, in a happy good way.  Watch the pink glove dance that was made for breast cancer awareness.

Looking For a Double Birthday Bonanza Sponsors

Both of my sons have a birthday coming up.  Both have their birthdays on Feb 23.  My youngest will be celebrating his 1st birthday and my oldest is ecstatic to be turning 11.

Family Game Night

I went to Walmart last night because I’ve got some nasty gray coming in on top of my head, well, I did, not no more. (I’ll get pictures later.)  We hit the clearance aisle because every once in awhile there’s something I just can’t live without hiding behind something I have no use for.

Project 365 Day 11

Yesterday, I took a picture of my most prized possession from my grandma who passed away when I was 14.  Today, I thought I’d take a picture of the thing that holds so many memories that I treasure from my grandpa who passed away in October of 2005.