Birthday Pics!

I think Alyce had a good birthday even with not being able to have a huge party.  I thought the weather was going to cooperate but it turned out to be an ice skating rink on my parents’ road.  My other family members live in between my parents and I and they said it wasn’t great out.  So, we stayed home.  Here’s some pics of her birthday:

This is actually the night before.  I was trying to snap a pic of her walking.  She kind of looks silly here.  LOL

Getting ready to open her presents

Her bounce and spin zebra

Opening her Doodle Bops DVD – I think that’s more for the other 2 than her.  She doesn’t watch TV yet.  Well, she likes Shrek 3, but that’s about it.

Supper – Have you seen someone get more comfy in their high chair?  She wouldn’t eat the chili, but she loved the chips and dip.  You can see her new bracelet on her wrist.  Daddy got Katiana one for her first birthday and she still wears it.  Yesterday he continued the tradition and got Alyce her’s.  It has her name on it.  Not really engraved, but letters built on top of the bracelet.  He’s going to get Jordan one for his birthday next year.  Up until now Jordan wouldn’t wear jewelry. 

The cake

Her cake – the place where I bought it from gives 1 year olds their own cake for free.

Checking out the frosting

Yep, it’s good.  She didn’t get that way all on her own.  Daddy pushed her face into her cake.  He’s mean.  I made him clean out her nose cuz she couldn’t breathe through it.  LOL

Mmmmmm!  Ice Cream – we later found that piece of ice cream under her high chair.  Guess she didn’t want the rest.  LOL

Why won’t my older two just let the natural smiles come?  They laugh and have fun til we get the camera out, then it’s these forced smiles.  Oh well, they are still cute.  Notice they didn’t get their cake all over their face.  LOL  Though Jordan has some chili on his.  LOL

So, it was a wonderful day!  My baby is now one, and today – today the poor thing has to get her shots.  *sniff sniff*  I hate putting her through it.  But you have to do it.

So, that’s what I’m off to do today.  Oh, I can turn her car seat around today!  YAY!  Maybe that will make her like it more.  She was over 20 pounds at her last appointment when she was sick.  But, I think I’ll wait and have Pato turn it around.  He adjusts the straps so much better than I do.  LOL

If you didn’t see my note below, my domain is down right now.  We’re working on my site.  So, bookmark my blog to follow what’s going on and to find me when we are done.

I’ll have everything on one server, from the tutorials, to my blog, to the store, and I’m adding some CT pages up there too!  I’m thinking it would be fun to have a CT blog where they can post their layouts, things going on, etc.  We’ll see if that is something they want to do!

Did you see my new PSP Script?  I posted it yesterday, but I normally don’t post on Sundays, so you might not have gotten a peak!

Another photo effect.  This one is called Violet Mist!  It softens up your picture, and makes it almost black and white but it has a violet undertone.  It’s really a cool effect.  All my friends who have tested the script, wow on the photos they have sent back!

Grab it at PDW!

And my newest kit – Flashy New Year!

A fun glittery, metalic, shiny kit to help ring in the new year with a splash!

You can find  it at Plain Digital Wrapper right now. 

That’s it from me!  I hope you all have a great day!

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  • Amy B

    Hey girl,

    My youngest turned two the day after Thanksgiving (sniff, sniff). I remember being so happy when I could turn the car seats around! That’s a big milestone :) Now I’m looking forward to having all three in boosters. When Liam turned one is face looked like Alyce’s and nobody helped him with it. He had to have a bath after his cake. It was so cute!

  • carjazi

    Sorry you weren’t able to make it to your parents to celebrate. Adorable cake though. I can’t believe Pato pushed into the cake. Looking for the perfect photo for the new New Years kit. I love it though.
    Enjoy your day and don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • Jaime

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating Alyce’s birthday! Love those cake pictures, lol! Love the new photo effect and of course the wonderful new kit! Thanks again for the RAK!

  • RobinW

    What a cutie!!!

  • Andrea

    She has the most beautiful big blue eyes!! Pretty Alyce! What a great birthday she had! Pato is a mean daddy! Vince used to put food on top of Atha’s head to take pictures because she wouldn’t get messy enough for his taste. Luckily with Jenny she’ll do it herself. She’s a two fisted eater! Good luck with the domain. Probably be a lot of work at first, but I’m sure you’ll be super happy about it when you get done with it.
    Have an awesome Monday! I’m gonna go check out your script!

  • Miranda

    Congratulations with Alyce’s birthday! Must have been a great party!
    Love you new newyear’s kit!

  • scrappycats

    what great photos – that first birthday is so special!

  • Cate

    Terrific pics, Heather! Looks like Alyce had a blast!

    I have an Icy Sparkles LO posted this morning… Have a great day!

  • mskari

    Such sweet pics of her birthday!!! Hope it was a greta one for all involved! Kiss her lil legs for me where she get sher shots!!!

  • Shawna Taylor

    Looks like Alyce had a wonderful birthday even if it wasn’t a big party! Love the photos of her with cake all over he face – I had to lol about Pato pushing her face into it though!

  • Carolyn

    WOW girl. Looks like you’ve been busy. I LOVE all the birthday photos Alyce is so precious!! And shame on daddy for pushing her face into the cake… NOT NICE DADDY!!

    The new kit looks wonderful, great colors and just enough sparkle to bring in a shiny new year : )

  • ShawnaB

    Oh super cute photos!!! Too funny about daddy pushing cake in her face!!